Dominic Mastrangelo

Instrument: Guitar and Bass



Dominic Mastrangelo is a graduate of world renowned “Musician’s Institute” in Hollywood, Ca. He plays acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar and bass. Dominic plays and teaches a multitude of styles including: classical, Spanish, blues, jazz, rock, metal, fusion, country, finger picking, Latin and pop.

Dominc teaches all levels of students, from beginner to pro with an emphasis on sight reading, harmony and theory, improvisation and composition. He was also innovative in creating and developing the band workshops, guitar orchestra and clinic/seminar programs at Beam’s Music.

He is the author of seven books for the guitar. “Blues Bag” has been used both in the USA and internationally.

Dominic has composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced over 23 different albums in many different styles. Two albums “Just Us” and “Guitar Duet” can be purchased in the iTunes store.

Dominic has performed thousands of times in all different kinds of bands and duos. Presently he performs as a soloist on classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric jazz guitar.

He also teaches guitar at Villa Maria Academy Upper School, Church Farm School, Villa Maria Lower School, and The Sanford School.

Many of his students have attended colleges for music such as Berkley and West Chester.  Some have gone on to become composers for television and radio like Christopher Rife and Mike Gallagher.  Others have become record company owners, music teachers, songwriters, performing artists and recording studio engineers like Scott Haskit and Andy Smith.