Ken Vogel

Instrument: Drums

Ken has been teaching at Beam’s School of Music since 1982.  Annually he presents drum clinics and student recitals.  His summer Drum Camps are very successful.  Ken is the author of six books including: Drum Set Unlimited, Melodic Solo Encounters for Drum Set, The Creative Rock Drummer Vol. I & II, Bass Busters (Double Bass Method), and Sticking Method for Today’s Drummer.  His articles have appeared in Modern Drummer Magazine, For Drum Instructors Only, and The Creative Drummer Magazine.

Ken studied with noted composer and author William Schinstine and Armand Santerelli.  He also studied at Drummers Collective in New York and participated in percussion and jazz symposiums at the University of Miami from 1971 through 1975.  He performs and records regularly with a variety of rock, jazz, Latin, and Irish bands.

Ken specializes in teaching rock, double bass, jazz, Latin, and odd meters on the drum set, and hand development and reading on the snare drum and mallet instruments.  A strong foundation of the basics and theory are an important part of his instruction.  Please visit his website: